Airport Adapters

So what are Airport adapters and why are they the preferred piece of hardware? Well, they're genuine Apple Wireless cards pulled from MacBooks and iMacs meaning no extra configurations/kexts are required to get this hardware up and running. The main issue is that they require an adapter to PC hardware and are generally bulkier making them unfavourable in laptops but perfect for desktops.

Best part, no kexts needed!

Which cards shipped with what?

Socketed cards: Ones you can buy and install yourself

  • BCM943602CDP(Wifi) + 20703A1(Bluetooth)

    • iMac16,x

    • iMac17,1

    • iMac18,x(Different Bluetooth module, 20703A2)

  • BCM94360CD(Wifi) + 20702B0(Bluetooth)

    • iMac14,x

    • iMac15,x

    • MacPro6,1

  • BCM94331CD(Wifi) + BRCM20702(05AC:828b, Not sure on Bluetooth chipset name)

    • iMac13,x

  • BCM94360CS2(Wifi) + BRCM20702(05AC:821f, Not sure on Bluetooth chipset name)

    • MacBookAir5,x

    • MacBookAir6,x

    • MacBookAir7,x

  • BCM943602CS(Wifi) + 20703A1(Bluetooth)

    • MacBookPro12,x

  • BCM94360CS(Wifi) + 20702B0(Bluetooth)

    • MacMini7,x

    • MacBookPro11,x

  • BCM94360CSAX + BRCM20702(05AC:828c, Not sure on Bluetooth chipset name)

    • MacBookPro10,x

  • BCM94350

    • MacBook8,1 - 4350C1

    • MacBookPro13,x - 20703A2

    • MacBookPro14,x - 4350

Solder/proprietary cards: Apple's custom cards that no one else has, specifically called SOCs from Broadcom

  • BCM4364(Wifi) + 4364B0(Bluetooth)

    • iMac19,x

    • MacMini8,1

    • MacBookPro15,x

    • iMacPro1,1 - 4364(Bluetooth)

    • MacPro7,1- 4364B3(Bluetooth)

  • BCM4355

    • MacBookAir8,1

What does an Airport adapted look like?

PCIe Adapter(Requires an extra USB port for bluetooth)
M.2 NGFF B+M Adapter(Requires an extra USB port for bluetooth)
M.2 NGFF A+E Adapter
mini PCIe Adapter