M.2 based wireless cards get into a fun little realm of manufacturer lock-in, specifically that your manufacturer may have a whitelist that only supports their brand of wireless cards(Lenovo is the biggest culprit of this). Do your research on your hardware to see if there's a whitelist.

The other thing to keep in mind is that M.2 wireless cards come in 2 variant:

  • A Key

  • E Key

    Do your research to see what slot your hardware has(and don't mix up E key with mini PCIe).

‚ÄčM.2 Interface:

  • BCM943602:

    • Dell DW1830 (A+E Key, quite wide so make sure your laptop has room)

  • BCM94350ZAE:

    • Lenovo Foxconn T77H649(A+E Key)

    • Lite-On WCBN808B(A+E Key)

    • Dell DW1820A (A+E Key)

      Note: The DW1820A can have issues in certain laptops, generally works fine in desktops but avoid for laptop users

  • BCM94352Z:

    • Dell DW1560 (A+E Key)

    • Lenovo Lite-On WCBN802B(04X6020)(E Key)

    • AzureWave AW-CB162NF(A+E Key)